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Petition to the Council of the M.D. of Foothills

Petition for Responsible Development Within the MD of Foothills

A developer is in the process of submitting an Area Structure Plan for a high density housing project in a rural setting.  The project is slated for 2600 homes with crowded city type lots and is bounded within Dunbow Road, 80th Street, 48th Street and Hwy #552. This project is larger than the combined populations of Turner Valley and Black Diamond and will in fact be an isolated community, lacking many basic services.  The result will be unacceptable increases in traffic, noise, crime and pollution among several others.  This high density development will mean a certain loss of tranquility in the entire surrounding area and a derogation in the quality of life of existing residents.  It is completely out of sync with a Country Residential environment.

The Municipal District of Foothills must not allow such large and unfettered development.  It would be negligent for a project of this size and design to advance when  placed in an area with essentially no supportive or enabling infrastructure.  For the Ribstone Ranch project to proceed without fully pre-planned and judicious implementation of all essential infrastructure will risk setting the precedent for other development in the MD .  Other areas or districts may well  experience like proposals so all residents of Foothills MD may be impacted and should support this petition.

A project like Ribstone Ranch clearly belongs in the City of Calgary or appended to existing urban areas such as Okotoks or High River.  It does not belong in the area proposed.  We are asking you to support our proposal to maintain proper stewardship of this parcel of land and permit only responsible development.  It is important for the entire MD of Foothills.

The proposed Ribstone Ranch would provide profit only to the developer with ongoing hidden soft and hard costs flowing to the municipality with no benefits to the current residents of the MD.

Ribstone Ranch must be declined as it is currently proposed.

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