What Can You Do To Help?

If we are to be successful, we will need as many people as we can to assist with this endeavour. Here are some things you can directly do to assist us:

  • Tell friends and neighbours about what is going on. The more people that know, the more strength we have in changing /shaping future development.
  • Sign the petition. The Council members at the M.D. of Foothills need to see how many are concerned about this issue.
  • Write a letter to the Mayor, and/or your Councillor, giving your reasons as to why you do not support this development or this type of growth in the municipality
  • Attend our FRFRD meetings – get the latest information, voice your concerns and help shape what our response will be to the formal application expected some time in March.
  • Attend THE Council meeting in High River which should happen about 6-8 weeks after the formal application is received. We will make sure everyone knows when this meeting will occur. It will be imperative that we show up in significant numbers to show Council how serious we are about this issue.